Stay in Your Rhythm - Your Watch Runs With

Our Julien de Bourg automatic watches reflect life - without movement there is stagnation. After you put your automatic watch aside, it will continue to run for up to 75 hours if the watch has been fully charged, as the stored energy is released gradually. But don't worry - should your Julien de Bourg mechanical watch still remain lying down for a longer period of time, this doesn't affect the watch. As soon as you want to proceed, all you have to do is adjust the time by using the crown and continue with your adventures.
Although all movements are protected by shock absorbers, mechanical watches are somewhat more sensitive to strong vibrations of the movement than quartz watches. It is therefore recommended that you give your watch a break the next time you play golf or tennis and go mountain biking with your friends. However, if properly maintained, the mechanical movement will last longer than the quartz crystal of a battery-operated watch.

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When the Heart Stops to Beat

If the movement, the heart of your Julien de Bourg automatic watch, should stop, don't worry. The watch has stopped because you probably haven't taken it on an adventure in a while. Your watch has a mechanical movement that is charged simply through your natural body’s movement or by winding the crown.
This short video will show you how to revive your automatic watch and how to get it back on your adventures.